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Public Talks and Events

Public and community engagement is at the heart of archival work, I've been privileged to talk at the following events:

  • International Archives Day - open day event host, June 2022

  • Digital Humanities Summer Institute (DHSI) - Open Digital Collaborative Project Preservation in the Humanities - Collaborative working for developing Arabic interfaces for digital archives and resources (with N. A. Mansour, Princeton). June 2022

  • Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi - Non-Textual Archives: Collection Building, Descriptive Vocabularies and Accessibility. February 2022

  • Sharjah Art Foundation - Collection Building, Descriptive Vocabularies and Accessibility, June 202. Link to workshop outline and readings (video forthcoming).

  • MELCOM (Middle East Libraries Committee) International Conference - Developing Arabic Interfaces for Digital Archives and Digital Resources - May 2021

  • UNC Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies - Virtual Kitab Talk: Post-custodial collecting, subject tags as 'pathways to data', biases and assumptions in archival description, website user experience, March 2021. Link to video. 

  •  Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi - Archival cataloguing and description, reading photographs, addressing assumptions, interrogating collections, February 2021

  • Gulf Photo Plus and Apple - The New Gulf: Photo Archives - Collecting,  preservation and access, February 2020

  • The British Library, Qatar Partnership and Arabic collections teams, August 2018

NYU Abu Dhabi Classes
  • The Digital Archive - Suphan Kirmizialtin: Digital Collection Building, Descriptive Vocabularies and Accessibility. February and September 2022

  • Orientalisms: Cultural Exploration and Analysis - Salila Kulshreshtha:  The Manifestation of Orientalism in Akkasah's Photography Archive. March 2021

  • The Photo Album - Michelle Bambling. Every semester this class is available. 

  • Mining the Archive in the UAE - Pamela Newkirk. January 2020. 

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